Case Study

Beechgrove, Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire

Residential new build – current project – due for completion May 2018

Over-see are presently managing this new build for a one-off residential property in Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire and have been contracted to work on this from concept to completion. The design includes an underground concrete basement with single storey structural insulated panel (SIP) building above. Sedum roof, zinc cladding and anodised aluminium windows and doors. Work started in the ground in June 2017  and is due for completion in April 2018. Please come back to see how we are getting on as we will keep you updated with our time lapse video.

Over-see responsibilities so far:

  • Going through all existing client documentation
  • Tender selection
  • Liaison with suppliers:
    – Geotechnical engineers;
    – Glatthaar (German basement manufacturer);
    – Sip;
    – Sedum roof;
    – Zinc cladding;
    – Windows and doors;
    – Electrical;
    – Plumbing and heating;
    – Plastering;
    – Staircase.
  • CDM
  • Planning conditions
  • Building regulations
  • Site insurance and building warranty
  • Liaising with utility companies for new supplies and service ducting to property
  • New entrance
  • Project management (day to day site work):
    – Site clearance;
    – Demolition existing structures;
    – Basement excavation;
    – Basement construction;
    – Sip ground floor construction;
    – Sedum roof;
    – Window and door installation;
    – Zinc cladding;
    – First fix plumbing;
    – Internal insulation.

Work to follow:

  • Plumbing and underfloor heating installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Alarm installation
  • Plastering
  • Fitting new bathrooms and kitchen
  • Fitting new stove
  • Interior finishes:
    – floor and wall tiles;
    – engineered wood flooring;
    – painting and decorating.
  • Outside drainage
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Entrance and hard and soft landscaping

Challenges: co-ordinating off site production for the main elements of the structure, this includes the basement and the Sip ground floor structure to date. In addition to our contracted services Over-see has been involved with lots of extra design making decisions during the building process where project information has either not been finalised, or simply not provided (this is a common issue with many projects). Other challenges include filling in the decision making (and sometimes work) gaps between various trades, so each element of work can be carried out smoothly and successfully.

Duration: Anticipating 40 weeks for site work
Completion due: April / May 2018
Fees: Hourly / daily rate