Extending and refurbishing a 1970's house, Cheshire

Refurbishing 70's house, Cheshire
Assisting client with gutting a 1970's house and reconfiguring the internal spaces, including breaking into the loft space to create en-suite bathroom to master bedroom on second floor.

Responsibilities of Over-see: 
• Engineering calcs for loft space and downstairs steel beams where rooms were opened up
• Project management consultation

Challenges: ensuring an old internal chimney breast didn't collapse when removing an old fireplace surround.

Duration: 4 months
Fees: hourly / daily rate

Guy helped us with the engineering calcs when we wanted to reconfigure the living spaces within this 70’s house. He acted as a consultant and helped us implement the structural supports downstairs plus offer additional advice when we went into the loft space to create a master ensuite to the second floor bedroom. Whilst we are quite experienced in property development having Guy as a consultant has given us great peace of mind. Thanks Guy!
— Barbara Steele, Cheshire