Double garage and loft room, Cheshire

Garage with loft space above
A red brick, timber clad double garage replaced an old  flat roof garage. The floor level was lowered so the new concrete slab would align with re-laid, granite set drive. Consultancy advice given on demolishing the old garage and assistance with the new build, building into a sandstone cliff face.

Responsibilities of Over-see: 
• Drawing plans
• Engineering calcs for reinforcing sandstone cliff walls, and steel beams for loft space
• Assisted with concrete pour and reinforced steel panels
• Internal tanking, water membrane required for all three cliff facing sides
• Project management consultation

Challenges: ensuring the sandstone cliff face was stable after excavation; a water membrane was fitted to protect the new structure from water run off from the surrounding banks, making sure there were adequate channels to allow this to happen.

Duration: 2 weeks
Fees: fixed fee

Guy helped with the initial stages of the build for this double garage. He worked alongside me and another groundwork contractor. Really grateful for his advice and being onsite for the concrete pours.
— Kevin Steele, Cheshire
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