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new build

Are you inspired by programmes such as grand designs? Building a house is a challenging venture that can deliver a massive sense of achievement and serious financial gain.

Are you an ambitious young Gloucestershire developer or a retiring couple planning the home of your dreams in the Cotswolds? Either way, proven project management services can take the pain out of turning your building design vision into successful house construction…



Skilled project management helps control more than just your building costs…

Do you have the time or skills to do your own project management or manage building costs accurately when building a new home? And what about the home building materials that have to be chosen, ordered and used correctly? Conventional block and brick, timber, the latest structural insulated panel (SIP) technology or other eco-materials?

All demand expert management if they’re to deliver top performance at lowest possible cost. But without skilful professional help, spiralling costs, poor materials decisions and even ‘neighbour problems’ can quickly turn house building dreams into nightmares. Fortunately, house building needn’t be like that…


As leading UK house builders will confirm, professional project management does more than managing building costs, chasing progress and liaising with contractors. From before project’s start they’re a key part of the team, a fount of knowledge and experience for house building challenges as diverse as managing tight spaces, placating difficult neighbours and using 3D visualisation to show you how your new home will work. Whatever your project manager’s role, look forward to them saving you time and money, and making sure your build runs smoothly.


Any worthwhile challenge makes its own demands. Building a house is no exception. That’s where an experienced project management partner can simplify life, keep everything running smoothly and take pain out of completion on time and within budget.


With more than 10 years’ experience of building new homes, we combine a housebuilder’s practical knowledge with the professional skills and expertise you expect from a site-tested project manager. And because we’ve worked on many dream homes for UK and European customers facing similar challenges to you or your client you know we’re up to the task.

Eco house design

Are you considering an eco house design and build project? Concerned about the special demands of environmentally-friendly self-build houses? Nervous about the delicate balance between pure eco-design and the environmental cost of materials? Worried about making correct sustainability decisions or inadvertently creating a ‘giant green elephant’?

From ground source heat pumps to renewable heat incentives and photovoltaic (PV) feed-in tariffs, an experienced project manager who understands eco houses design and green building services can transform your build…

The rewards of well-executed eco house design

Now imagine getting every detail right: working successfully to the eco-house building rule of ‘timber first, steel last, less cement and no uPVC’; positioning your new home perfectly in the landscape; conserving energy effectively; and recovering the extra expense of your green home in lower running costs and a premium price when it’s time to sell. Above all, imagine the good feeling from knowing that every green detail has been handled right.


You’re building a house. So how could our professional project management services help turn your project into a smooth-running success? For a no-obligation chat, [please contact us].